Korean Signage


These drawings reflect fragments of neon signs that litter the streets of South Korea and showcase a visual travel journal of the time I spent living there.  I became fascinated with the immense amount of signage in the cities whose meaning was foreign to me but enjoyable due to their emphatic visual design.  My intrigue grew from having an unawareness of what the signs actually meant.  Instead, my focus was less on the language and more on the structural design, layering, and overall three-dimensionality of the signs.  All the signs along the Korean streets are obnoxiously noticeable; signs are blinking, scrolling, three-dimensional, multi-colored, and even flashing.  In order to reduce the chaos of the signs, I chose to eliminate color and make pen and ink drawings.  Using black ink and tonal washes, allows the structural design of the signs to be more present and not have color overpower the scene.  These drawings are derived from my own photographs and creates a visual record of the cityscapes seen in South Korea.