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Artist: Heidi Almosara

Title: Fallen Leaves

Medium: Serigraph, collagraph, gouache, hand-cut collage

Size: 34" x 22" x 2.75"

Date: 2019


*Note: artwork is mounted on a panel frame and the frame depth is 2.75"; reference photo provided

Fallen Leaves

  • This artwork was created through collaging leaves onto a plate surface, sealing the plate, and printing it on a press; this is referred to as a collagraph print.  Several collagraphs of leaves were hand printed and then hand-cut and collaged onto a panel surface.  Gouache was added to the leaves to enhance the color and the background was screenprinted to create a marblized/monoprint effect. This artwork is mounted onto a panel attached to a frame and the frame depth is 2.75".  

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