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Artist:  Heidi Lingamfelter Almosara

Title:  Sentinel: Quince Branch over Water

Medium:  Screen Print on BFK Rives White Paper

Size:  29" x 22.25"

Date:  2017

Limited Edition:  Only 6 original prints; edition variable.

AP:  1 Artist Proof on Magnani Pescia Light Blue Paper


*Edition variable:  Edition varies from print to print only in the branch form.  Due to the nature of how it was screen printed, each speckled pattern is slightly different in all 6 prints but the same colors were used to create the speckle.

Sentinel: Quince Branch over Water

  • This screen print was created using 4 stencils/screens, multiple colors, gradients, textures, and the reduction process through screen printing.  All stencils were hand painted onto the screen using screen filler and then printed with a squeegee.  The branch texture was created by flicking ink onto the surface of the screen with a toothbrush and then printed with a squeegee.  The resulting effect made the edition varied, which caused each print to be an “edition variable”.  This print marks the first image of a screen print series that will combine my own ikebana creations with mokuhanga inspired effects.  [ikebana: the Japanese art of flower arrangement; mokuhanga: the Japanese art of woodblock printing]   

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