Tama River Series

2018 - PRESENT


Currently my work is heavily influenced by the immersive cultural experience that I have received from living in Japan. I have branched out to the art form of ikebana to further expand my artistic sensibilities. Studying at the Sogetsu Foundation in Tokyo, I have discovered a truly meditative mindset that is a catalyst for spontaneous creativity. I am enamored by the technical prowess required to create from the organic and the intrinsic connection that I can have with the natural materials.  This creative process has been transferred to the environment, as I have been hiking to locations along the Tama River in Japan. In an effort to collaborate with nature and create ikebana-inspired works, I seek to extract an unique beauty both from the visceral work created and the natural beauty from the environment.  A meditative mindset naturally occurs when I transfer the creative energy to plants and collaborate with nature.  This time allows me to live in the moment; a simple and sublime moment.  The creation of the work is documented so that the viewer can journey along the adventure with me.  Instead of making these moments just for me, I invite the viewer into the process, into the environment, and ultimately into a single unique moment that will never exist again. 

Tama River Series: Ikebana 4

Tama River Series: Ikebana 3

Tama River Series: Ikebana 2

Tama River Series: Ikebana 1

Snow Series