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Nokogiriyama: Saw Tooth Mountain & A View of Hell

This is the first stop and also where the The Hyakushaku Kannon is located as one makes their hiking journey to see the 1500 Arhats and then the impressive Daibutsu. Nokogiriyama means "saw-tooth mountain" and its name pertains to its jagged, zigzag profile. This comes from its days as a quarry, when it was used as a source of stone to lay foundations in the marshy land on which Edo was built. One of the lookouts here is known as Jigoku Nozoki, "A view of hell". The vertiginous drop overlooks a beautiful valley but from a precarious-looking outcrop above the Kannon. So naturally, I went to the furthest point at the top to get a pic of Jigoku Nozoki- a view of hell.

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