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Takato Castle & Cherry Blossoms

Takato Castle is perched on a cliff above Mibu and Yamamura Rivers with the Chuo Alps in the background. This site attracts an immense amount of visitors in April to see the over 1,500 flowering cherry trees. The castle park's trees are a unique variety called Takato Kohigan sakura (Prunus subhirtella) with petals that are daintier and more of a reddish tint than common blossoms. About 1500 cherry trees of the pinkish Kohigan variety stand across the park's compound, providing great cherry blossom views each spring. The Kohigan cherry trees are said to have been planted here in 1875, when the park was first opened to the public. Today, not much is left of the original castle barring some stone foundations, and the few structures seen in the park's precincts are additions of the post feudal era. In the center of the park is Ounkyo, a gently curved bridge that is famous as one of the best cherry blossom spots within the park.

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