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Ashikaga Flower Park

Ashikaga Flower Park has 4 seasons of awesome. Every summer, the park holds a festival with a nationally acclaimed fireworks show. This festival is a long running tradition that started in 1903. The grand finale of this fireworks display is known as "Niagara Falls". During the fall, the momii or Japanese maples intensify the park with their bright red leaves and are intermingled with surrounding yellow leaves. During the winter, the park creates illuminated structures throughout and is then known as "The Garden of Light Flowers". A little over 2.5 million lights are used to illuminated the park. Finally during the spring, the cherry blossoms and wisteria beautify this park. There are wisteria tunnels, double-tree wisteria domes, and huge wisteria trees with armature-like ceilings to help the wisteria grow. It was a gorgeous day when I went and the wisteria was all the rage. Wisteria ice cream was even being served which I had and it was delicious.

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